Having 22 Years Experience

TAJ International College, better known by the acronym ‘TIC’ is an institution of higher education that has been operating for 22 years in Ipoh, Perak. TAJ International College (TIC) always welcomes students who are interested to pursue higher through programs exclusive or specially designed by experts professionals to meet the human capital needs at various levels of the organization or even industry-wide Malaysia and abroad.

In accordance with the motto “Be Talented Be Different”, TIC applies leadership qualities, entrepreneurial, innovative and creative in all programs of study in line with the initiatives in the Malaysian Education Development Plan (2015-2025).


What We Do

TIC aims to transform human capital formation of graduates to be first class intellectuals. The TIC, students not only have the opportunity to join the program but they have the opportunity to experience high-quality programming that is based on a model of experiential learning (experiential learning) and learning technology (technology enabled learning). In addition, they also have the opportunity to graduate with moral values and being knowledgeable to contribute in the working society and embracing the diversity as well as challenges in the 21st century.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Institution

With 22 years under its belt, this institution has a well-established reputation and a proven track record.


Modern Library

Recognizing that people learn differently, libraries provide materials in various formats like audiobooks, large print editions, and materials for people with disabilities.


Popular Courses

Choose our popular course.


Financial Assistance

Many types of financial assistance you can choose and we will guide you until the student get it.


Guarantee Career

After done study, we guarantee you will get the job.


Certified Program

The program have here is certified by MQA (Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia).

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