Corporate Master in Business Administration

The CMBA provides opportunity for individuals to advance their career in business management, as well as practitioners to sharpen their business management skills and knowledge. The programme has attracted a highly motivated community of students from diverse academic backgrounds and working experiences. We bring together experienced, dedicated and qualified lecturers to ensure an innonative, application-oriented and multidisciplinary program. The CMBA is outstanding because it has retained the best features of the traditional MBA combined with the contemporary features demanded by today’s business managers. CMBA is committed to continuous quality improvement to accommodate the concurrent industrial needs and market demands. In this conjunction, apart from the existing CMBA general degree, students nowadays may opt for specialization in Information Technology Management, Art Management or Human Resources Management.

A Bachelor degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the Senate;

  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent but with CGPA less than 2.50, may be admitted subject
    to a minimum of 5 years working experiencein the field; or
  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent but with CGPA less than 2.50, may be admitted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experiencein the relevant field; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications approved by the Senate
  • For international students, a minimum IELTS Score of 5.5 or its equivalent (e.g TOEFL-525; TOEFL Computer Test -196; TOEFL Internet Test 69-70 ) is required.

APEL Admission

  • STPM / Recognised Diploma / A-Levels / Equivalent; AND
  • Relevant work experience / prior experiential learning; AND
  • Pass the APEL Assessment (Aptitude Test, Portfolio & Interview)
    • Course Fee is RM23,032
    • Registration Fee is RM1,000

Fees include administrative, tuition and course materials for the duration of the programme. Further
payment will be required if the students extend their studies.

    • Duration of the Programme :

18 – 48 months

The CMBA is studied over a minimum of 18 months; this would mean a programme of study over 5 semesters. This programme consists of 8 core modules, 5 elective modules and a final year Corporate Business Project. The core components form the cornerstone of the CMBA, and students must complete the Core component before moving on to the Elective component.

The Elective component allows you to customise the CMBA in line with your personal needs and career path. The Corporate Business Project is the most rewarding part of the entire CMBA, because it offers a learning exercise relevant to your special needs and aspirations, thereby contributing to your future career and professional development.

  • Core Module
    1. EBB6013 Principles of Accounting and Finance
    2. EBB6023 Economic Theory
    3. EBB6043 Strategic Marketing
    4. EBB6113 Accounting for Managers
    5. EBB6123 Corporate Finance
    6. EBB6133 Strategic Management
  • Electives Module (General) Choose 6 Courses Only
    1. EBB6033 Economics Analysis and Policy
    2. EBB6073 International Business
    3. EBB6083 Operation Management
    4. EBB6103 Firms, Institutions and Competition
    5. EBB6143 Money, Banking and Financial Market
    6. EBB6153 Investment
    7. EBB6163 International Finance
    8. EBB6173 E-Business
    9. EBB6183 Law for Managers
    10. EBB6193 Managing Culture
    11. EBB6203 The Global Economy
    12. EBB6213 Entrepreneurship
    13. EBB6223 Human Resources Management
    14. EBB6233 Knowledge Management
    • Research Module
      1. EBB6093 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis
      2. EBB6052 Corporate Business Project 1*
      3. EBB6063 Corporate Business Project 2*
      4. EBB6245 Corporate Training*

* Student can either choose: EBB6052 & EBB6063; or EBB6245

    • Electives For Specialization Module

Information System Management

  • EBB6253 IT Project Management
  • EBB6263 Data Science for Business
  • EBB6273 IT Strategy and Governance
  • EBB6283 Business Intelligence

* Student must choose 2 electives courses from CMBA (General) Module

Arts Management

  • EBB6293 Corporate Event Management
  • EBB6303 Arts Theory and Management Practice
  • EBB6313 Current Practice in the Arts Industry
  • EBB6323 Intellectual Property for Managers

* Student must choose 2 electives courses from CMBA (General) Module

Human Resources Management

  • EBB6333 Developing Human Resources
  • EBB6343 Human Resource Governance and Policies
  • EBB6353 Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  • EBB6363 Effective Performance Management

* Student must choose 2 electives courses from CMBA (General) Module

The CMBA programme is a master programme by coursework over a duration of 18 months, which is equivalent to 5 semesters of study. Most students can manage to complete their studies in 5 semesters. For those who choose to do it at a slower pace, the maximum period of study is 4 years.

Employers and entrepreneurs who intend to enhance your marketing, management, leadership and organizational skills and performance.
Employees from all sectors of industries who are determined to develop your human capital and expand your social network for better job performance and prospects.
School teachers and college lecturers who intend to upgrade your qualification, knowledge and skills on strategic marketing and strategic management, business analysis and problem-solving, economic policies.
Fresh undergraduates who wish to make a quantum leap into the business world by acquiring business and managerial skills, and by building your business development, financial analysis and business communication skills.
Anybody that is motivated to pursue your master degree by coursework.

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